Feel the spirit of the Arctic blue light with dogsled

Duration: 3 days and 2 nights 

Time period: 1 dec 2021 - 1 February 2022

Experiences of remembering - Dogsled

These days will be filled with new impulses. You will experience a journey from your normal life, to our life together  with the dogs, the Northern Lights and the Arctic nature.

In the time when the sun is below the horizon here at the top of Europe, the light, the sky and the horizon are a pure adventure. The moon, the stars in the sky and the Northern Lights fight a relentless struggle to create the best light in the darkness.

We have a headquarters for the days where we have hot meals and warm beds. From the headquarters we do day trips of between 20-60 km. We make our trip to our Northern lights lavvo camp up on the Finnmark plateau. In the lavvo camp we can warm ourselves on the fire, and the dogs rest on a warm hay bed outside. We spend the time you need in the lavvo camp, where there are no disturbances of artificial light. And the opportunity for a really bright experience is good on this spot in the wilderness with our experienced guide.

Whether you want an arctic holiday, together in a small group. Where our guide has the security and shares stories from the landscape. And you, in the selected group, make memories of Arctic blue light. We really recommend you to choose an experience here with us


  • Dogteam adapted to the guest's skills are included.
  • Winter clothing like scooter shoes, scooter clothes, polar hat, polar mittens, ski goggles / scooter glasses, headlamp.
  • Safety and emergency equipment included
  • Guide will be the owner of the dogs and with much arctic experience. The guest is part of a safe experience.

Group size: Small group, organizer with only one guest as well, but then with 30% on the price. More than 8 people on request

Price: 12500 nok pr person