Kennel Visit - Dog Sledding

The kennel visit with a short dog run in between 3-4 hours.

You get to visit a small family run kennel. We have a campfire, make coffee, tea and biscuits. Join us to say hello to the dogs, info about the routines in the health program for the dogs and ask all your questions you have about our dogs. After a while we take a dog sled ride where you sit on the sled and the sled is driven by an experienced dog sled guide.

Meet Roger and his dedicated team, the quality of this team is to adapt the program to every single group or family that comes to their husky kennel. Experiences from Spitsbergen, Alaska and northern Norway give you insight into the lifestyle and love of the animal they live with daily.

Hear more about:

  • Expedition stories from Svalbard or Spitsbergen
  • How to live with dogs in arctic
  • What is prepared in advance of long dog races
  • Dog health program
  • Enough cuddle time with our beautiful furry friends

Price: 1950 nok per person.